Monday, February 17, 2014

Oracle locks in table

Check locks in the oracle table:

SELECT l.session_id||','||v.serial# sid_serial,

       l.ORACLE_USERNAME ora_user,




          0, 'None',

          1, 'Null',

          2, 'Row-S (SS)',

          3, 'Row-X (SX)',

          4, 'Share',

          5, 'S/Row-X (SSX)',

          6, 'Exclusive',


       ) lock_mode,


       to_char(o.last_ddl_time,'') last_ddl

FROM dba_objects o, gv$locked_object l, v$session v

WHERE o.object_id = l.object_id

      and l.SESSION_ID=v.sid

order by 2,3;


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